The Special Vestry meeting will be as brief as possible given that it is Father’s Day. Please note that the meeting will start at approximately 12 noon at St George’s Church.

St. George's, Sibbald point is now open for the summer season. 
Join us for Sunday worship at 8 AM or 10:30 AM.

Good News!

5 May 2016 - Anglican Parish of Georgina - Refugee sponsorship assistance from the Anglican Diocese of Toronto has been granted with 2 conditions. GEG Refugee Welcome and its partners including the Parish of Georgina will be the recipient of $25,400 to support sponsorship efforts once GEG Refugee Welcome has $26,080 in the bank AND has been successfully matched with a case by the Anglican United Refugee Alliance (AURA).

St. George's Church, Sibbald Point
408 Hedge Road, Sutton, Ontario
Summer Church

Lord God,
The warmth of the sun's embrace 
the gentle breeze swept in by incoming tide
the rhythm of seasons 
of new birth 
death and recreation
All these speak so clearly of your love 
your power 
and your beauty 
All are expressions of your creativity 
and more importantly of yourself
As an artist might share his personality 
within each brushstroke 
so within the myriad colours 
of a butterfly's wing 
you share the exuberance of your love 

That we can glimpse you within creation is a beautiful thought 
but also tells us that you desire to be seen 
to be found and known

Open our eyes, Lord as we walk through this world 
feel the wind and sunshine 
see the majesty of creation unfolding before our eyes
Help us to see you 



St. James Anglican Church, Sutton
31 River Street, Sutton, Ontario   
Winter Church