Parish of Georgina

St. George's, Sibbald Point & St. James, Sutton ON

- Anglican Worship since 1839 -

The next film is Crazy Water and discussion will take place October 14th. Watch the film in advance here. Go to the Parish News page for further details.

In person worship services

8 AM and 11 AM at St. George's Church

11 am Sunday Services are recorded live and posted when ready
on the Parish YouTube account

Live Zoom Service 7 PM Saturday

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St. James Art Restoration and Building Preservation campaign

The church is home to some of the oldest artworks in Georgina. Large murals illustrating the life of Jesus and full-sized depictions of the twelve Apostles, were painted in 1925 by the renowned ecclesiastical artists Peter Charles Browne and Thomas Grant Browne. A century old, these paintings represent an important part of Canadian History, but they had darkened and deteriorated over time.

Responding to the urgent need to restore and preserve the art, the parish procured the services of an art conservator whose work was completed in the summer of 2019. Companion projects to repair the ceiling, paint the ceiling and walls, secure the altar rail and improve the lighting have further enhanced the sacred space. There is a renewed tranquility, peace and calm when one enters the refurbished interior to embrace the church’s 160-year-old personality.

Can you help us achieve our campaign goal?