Parish News


Vestry Meeting

Our annual vestry meeting will be held Sunday, February 12th at 12:15pm. It will be a hybrid model. If you wish to login from home please contact Canon David. 

River Glen Nursing Home Service

Our monthly services are usually held on the third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am. Contact Canon David Neelands if you wish to volunteer. 

Virtual  Worship 

Join Canon David and other parishioners in a virtual worship service at 7 pm Saturday evening. 

Bible Study 

Canon David Neelands is leading a virtual Bible Study at 1:30 every Friday. 

Deacon's Corner 


PWRDF World of Gifts  2023 goal was $1000. Unfortunately, we did not meet this as we were only able to raise $600 but several regular donators gave directly to PWRDF. We were able to support Canadian Indigenous led community initiatives including community health, support Disaster Relief, contribute to a dairy farm cooperative in Kenya and support teen moms and their babies in Uganda. 

January/ February Outreach Focus 

Food insecurity continues to be a major issue in our community. The demands on our Grocery Gift Card distribution has increased substantially. The Georgina Community Food Pantry continues to see an extreme increase in the number of new clients. Other community projects to address food insecurity are also being planned. Please donate as you are able. 

We are also collecting men's clothing particularing outdoor clothing and footwear. 

Summer Outreach Chaplain 

The search for our 2023 Summer Outreach Chaplain runs from January to March. Please pray for a suitable candidate.