Outreach Ministry

The members of the Parish of Georgina believe that we are called by God to reach out into the world.

This is a very important part of who we are and what we do.

When a need arises the members step forward to do whatever is needed.

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In Lent, 2018, we raised $875 for PWRDF World of Gifts in 2018 with which we purchased:

A Whole Farm $470

A Women’s livelihood kit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo $160

Growing Together with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank $60

Stock a Dispensary $50

Indigenous Youth Suicide Prevention through music $125


Community dinners served at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

GEG Refugee Welcome

Emergency assistance to local Refugee Families

Prayer Shawl Ministry

St George's Open Doors in the summer the church is open to visitors from morning to sunset.

Prayer is one of the main functions of our parish. We endeavor to live as a family of God, in work and worship. At both churches, intercessory prayer is an important part of the service. Parishioners, local residents, and visitors are urged to bring their prayer requests to the Prayer Desk at St. Georges, the service prayers through the church office, or through the Prayer Chain.