visioning prayer

Parish of Georgina Vision Prayer

God of miraculous grace, your people sojourned for years in the confusion of the desert, but you brought them to the Promised Land.

We look to you now in our time of uncertainty, and we ask for renewed strength and trust in you, that we might have the courage to face the questions that trouble us now.

As stewards of your gifts, may we remain vigilant in matters of finance and buildings, but may we also look beyond these concerns to explore the broader span of why you created the Parish of Georgina.

Help us to remember that we were brought together to serve your purposes, not ours.

We seek your guidance in carrying out your purpose in this parish – even if that means radical changes to where and how we gather – even if that means radical changes to how we are organized – even if that means radical changes to how we define “service”.

Lord, show us what we need to do. Help us to read what you silently write on our hearts, and to listen for your quiet whispers.

We surrender our fear and ask that you would replace it with vision, that we might have eyes to see new opportunity to change, to grow, to be nearer to you.

As you speak to each of us in different ways, help us to set aside our differences and listen to each other‘s counsel so that we can move towards your purpose together, through Jesus Christ our Lord.